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Koorsadan waxad ku baraynsaa sida loo adeegsado Linux platform, looga shaqaysiiyo Linux Commands, file permissions, Linux Administrative , creating users and groups iyo qaar kale oo badan. si wacan u baro Linux commandline.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to create and manage files using Linux command lines.
  • How to administrate users and group in Linux with commands
  • How to mastering Linux command line
  • How to navigate Linux Command Line

Topics for this course

41 Lessons

What is a linux

Introduction to the Linux and overview to Distribution of Linux23:09
What is a linux14:54

How to download, install and configure Ubuntu Linux

How t o Use Command Line Interface in Linux (CLI)

Linux permissions

Linux Administration

Linux Programming Languages


Material Includes

  • Presentation and Labs.

Target Audience

  • Qofka Raba inu barto cilmiga hacking iyo security waa inu barata Linux marka hore
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